aBIRD Shares "A Cool Island Song" + 5 Songs He's Digging Right Now

Last year, we shared “Polluto,” the debut single from NJ-based artist aBIRD. Since then, the project fronted by the titular Adam Bird has been dropping songs the most recent of which is “A Cool Island Song.”
The slick indie-pop cut finds Bird continuing to hone his non-rock production chops ahead of a formal LP launch later this year. To go along with a stream of “A Cool Island Song,” Bird shared 5 songs he’s been jamming too lately.
Check it all out below and follow aBIRD here for more.

Tony Saxon – “Black Hearted Gypsy Woman”

This is the song you hear in your head when a biker gang shows up somewhere, even if you didn’t know it. Also, I’m pretty sure this song was recorded live, which is crazy because the performances are fantastic… especially Tony’s lead vocal.
Quality Living – “Oh No”

“Oh No” has been stuck in my head for about a year. Everything about the writing and production is perfect for this particular song.The vocal melody isn’t over the top hooky, however, the instruments around it hold up like a crowd choosing a hero amongst them. The delivery of the vocal performance has just as much a role as the notes themselves do, which is rare. This song takes you somewhere.
Hidden Hospitals – “Liars”

I went to see Hidden Hospitals play live last year and it made me rethink everything about how I was approaching my own live show. Liars is a timeless electronic rock hybrid which reminds me of a million different things while somehow retaining its own identity.
Dentist – “The Latter”

“The Latter” could’ve been on DGC rarities Vol 1 next to Weezer and Nirvana. Dentist really captures one of the undercurrents of the mid/late 90s and packages it with truly solid yet simple melodies that stay with you.
Ruby Bones – “Gone Gone Gone”

This is another one for me that is sold on the vocal performance. The loose approach adds excitement to the band, and makes the song feel as if its about to fly off the rails. With that said, the melody is rock solid and is what keeps the song from ever going further than it should. Fantastic.