The Best Flyers of CMJ 2014

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Whether it’s the bands or the free drinks, you have a plethora of options to choose from this CMJ. Organization is key, but where to begin? For many of us, it’s the artwork. Like any grumpy cat, a good flyer will suck our attention away from whatever we’re doing at that moment to admire. Even before we read who the band or sponsor-du-jour is. With that in mind, here is—in no particular order—a few of our favorite 2014 CMJ flyers.


BirdDog Promo

Art by David Teller

anyway records cmj


Texas Is Funny showcase

Brixton Agency CMJ poster

Art by Dave Watt

KXLU and Burger Records Showcase

Drunken Piano and Inflated Records Showcase

Art by Dan Donnely


Exploding in Sound CMJ

Art by Dylan McConnell (aka Tiny LIttle Hammers)

Force Field PR Showcase

1.21 Gigawatts Showcase

Art by Danny Krug

Goodnight Records showcase

Art by Preston Spurlock

Art by Preston Spurlock

Art by Brian Vu

Art by Brian Vu

Sacred Bones Records showcase


Sugar Mama/Raw Paw showcase


(Yeah, we know it’s just a picture, but technically still a show flier.)

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