Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy draws The xx

Karen Aragon

Louise Zergaeng Pomeroy has been on my radar ever since my first visit to The xx's Myspace page a couple months back. Her black and white portrait (commissioned by the band) adorns the front page. I opted to skip out on the music altogether and found an arresting portfolio of images on her site.

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Louise currently resides in London working as an illustrator, taking inspiration from Crime Magazine, 19th century anatomy, and the cycle of life and death, for that matter. After graduating in 2008, her career appears to be rising steadily, from winning a NewBlood award, getting praised by Wallpaper, filling Suzuki walls, solo/group exhibitions, and website backdrops. Wallpaper said it best by describing her work as “comic, irreverent and technically mesmerizing, Pomeroy’s illustrations
offer a delicate glimpse into her left-of-centre outlook on life.”

In a recent interview with IM//UR she admits to being good at two things: drawing and
running, but by 13, gave up running for the Playstation. Sounds like my kinda girl.

For those die-hard fans of The xx, here's a very well curated mix by Jamiexx, that can do little wrong after starting off with an Electrelane song.

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