Ponytail's Willy Siegel runs the Punk Zoo!

Derek Evers

Ponytail's Willy Siegel's One Quail greeting card

One Quail card. All illustrations by Willy Siegel

When we sat down for a conversation between MEN's JD Samson and Ponytail's Willy Siegel (video coming soon), the question was proposed to Willy: “What the hell are you doing in Arizona?” Musically, her answer wasn't very concise, but she assured us she's been keeping artistically busy, showing us a few of the greeting cards she regularly makes under the name Punk Zoo!

Willy Siegel elephant greeting card

These beautiful watercolor paintings (she also infuses organic material—ie. food and plants—into her paintings) are all one of a kind depictions of animals. In her words, Willy said she started making the cards as a hobby for her family and friends for holidays, birthdays, and special punk notes to people. After some prodding from her family to sell them she set up an Etsy page.

She currently has nothing listed, so we recommend you go to her page and bombard her with orders. If Ponytail's not going to play shows, we say, put her to work!

Willy would also like you to know she like's animals and hopes you do too.

Ponytail Willy Siegel Orangutang greeting card

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