New shit from Seripop, mems of Aids Wolf (NSFW)

Karen Aragon

Aids Wolf members in the art collective Seripop

Aids Wolf like to take off their clothes

If you're obsessed with the art of Seripop, get excited. If you're equally as obsessed with Aids Wolf, here's a sexy video at DBA, to hold you over.


Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau, both members of Aids Wolf, also collaborate on visual art and experimental design under the moniker Seripop. You've seen their work. It's a loud, vibrant, spastic, visceral explosion. The duo/couple have come a long way from working shitty jobs to producing a whirlwind of prints, exhibiting around the world, and founding the art collective One Sided Die.

For the new year the team is offering a Seripop 2010 print subscription set, which gets you every poster, art print and book they'll make this year, and that's a lot of cool shit! If that wasn't enough, they have four major gallery shows, and four books in the works published by Soundscreen Design, Le Dernier Cri, Bongout, and Standard Form.

In the words of Mike Mills, “They teach you to be haters in art school, but it's always nicer to look at something and say, that's rad!”

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