Brey Feat. MNYS & French Horn Rebellion, "Breakup Song"

Coming hot out of the gate with singles “Vibe” and “Over,” emerging multi-talented artist Brey handles his sound and vision, not unlike auteur influencers like Frank Ocean and Kanye West. It’s a new collaboration, however, that has us excited here today at Impose as we bring you “Breakup Song” featuring New York’s MNYS and French Horn Rebellion.
The minimal, melodic pop cut finds Brey’s R&B-style vocals floating atop twinkling keys and wobbling bass as the artist finds emotional impact in the glittering setups and the dark spaces in-between. Brey, MNYS and French Horn Rebellion come together and craft a slick sound with “Breakup Song” readymade to soundtrack new beginnings.
“Love was never meant to be transactional,” shares Brey. “We’re just highlighting what it feels like to date in 2018. Are we just physical or are we something more? Let’s see.”
Stream Brey’s “Breakup Song” feat. MNYS & French Horn Rebellion and click here to stream it/add it on your preferred platform.