Anathallo signs to Anticon, new album out in November

David DeLeon

Chicago ensemble Anathallo finally finds a home in art-pop label Anticon

Floating World was one of those albums that's pretty easy to explain — a bunch of midwesterners (seven, on average) playing what are essentially adapted Japanese folk tales, throwing in quotes from Eichmann, the Psalms and long sequences in Japanese. What's harder to do is to convince anyone that what that mess adds up to is good. More than good, great. Sort of like Godspeed meets a Philip Glass quartet getting overdubbed by Momus. Live, they're a mass of people on stage, with more instruments than even the most ardent music fan would be able to name. But Floating World was essentially self-released (nominally, Artist's Friendship), and marked only the first full-length in a string of label-less releases stretching back to 2001. So we're at least glad they've found a new home in Anticon, since for a while it was up in the air whether Canopy Gold would be released at all.

From the label:

Canopy Glow features 10 tracks which are an intricate amalgamation of climbing strings, crashing drums, layered voices and a sparkling array of notes created by multiple instruments. On the opening track “Noni's Field,” Anathallo display their lush vocals and warm chords. The second track, “Italo” follows right behind with a tiptoe of whispers and strings that erupt into a full-on symphonic assault. “The River” bounces along with inspirational melodies, while “Cafetorium” is a tip of the hat to label-mate Dosh and his dynamic drumwork.

Canppy Glow will be released November 4 on Anticon, mixed by Eli Crews, Tony Espinoza and Neil Strauch and mastered by Mike Wells (John Vanderslice, Son Lux).

Here's some tracks from Floating World:

Anathallo, “By Number”

Anathallo, “Hanasakajijii (Three: The Man Who Made Dead Trees Bloom)”

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