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Nick Graham

Have I got something for you today. Pep Rally is a rap group out of Brooklyn comprised of two white girls. Now hold on. I know that those simple ingredients can be a recipe for awfulness and insincerity (look at Northern State… ugh). But I can't hate on them. Unlike the aforementioned buzz killers, their rhymes are not centered around their sexual prowess (for the most part). Instead, their lyrics are more like a sci-fi-themed death march through Armageddon.

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And the music is southern as fuck; Gucci Mane could get on these beats and it wouldn't sound out of the ordinary. Despite this surprising combination, Pep Rally sound serious about this: they're not just another Fake Rap Technique Joke Group (all too prevalent these days). So yes, this band is baffling. I don't understand them, will never claim to. But I do ask that you listen to these tracks and tell me if you love or hate them.

Pep Rally, “Stavros”

Pep Rally, “Bossa Fighter”

Pep Rally, “Coleslaughter”

And here is a video for “Squalie” that, despite being a single shot of the pair sitting in a room with some hipsters, is one of the weirdest, sexiest videos I have ever seen.

So Imposers, what do you have to say about this?

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