Night People Comp: Deluxe Double Fold

Jeremy Krinsley

Night People, <i>Deluxe Double Fold</i> comp

Night People, Deluxe Double Fold comp

This summer compilation from the good people at Night People Records can do no wrong. Label head Shawn Reed has always been a fantastic cobbler of digital samplers (See Cola Heavy Nights) but this latest crop of upcoming releases from the Iowa City label is its greatest yet. (Navy Seals didn't kill Osama, this comp did it. Unless lung cancer was the real patriot?)

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Deluxe Double Fold Night People Records track list
01 We Shave – Creme Dream Blues II
02 Dirty Beaches – Don't Let The Devil Find You
03 Dan Melchior Und Das Menace – Pretty Torn Up
04 Yves Son Ace – Style Promotion
05 Son of Salami – Fat City
06 Street Gnar – Without Blue
07 Coppertone – Year of the Tiger
08 Goldendust – After the Smoke Grew Thick
09 Cellophane Spill – Zaj Mak Ta
10 Blanche Blanche Blanche – Heroes of the Microphone
11 Ela Orleans – I Know
12 Eklin – Polan
13 Three Legged Race – China Bull
14 Chrome Dome – CMA
15 Ryan Garbes – Moistpop
16 Lantern – – Get Out of My Mind
17 Trailblazer – Don't Need It Anyway
18 Canterbury Rams – Simple Mind
19 White Woods – Groundswell

Download the whole beaut here.

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