Railcars cover Kate Bush

Blake Gillespie


Aria Jalali, the mastermind behind Railcars, is a well-known fugger-upper of songs. Railcars will take your sweet and tender pop bliss and channel it through eight tons of scuzz and warp and call it a remix. If you stumbled upon Aria's Kickstarter in which he asks for cash flow to recreate Kate Bush's 1985 art pop masterpiece Hounds Of Love, you either said hells yeah and donated or squirmed at the thought of Railcars dragging Mother Bush through the mud – possibly worse than that uninspired laissez-faire version Wild Nothing made.

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Breathe easy, as your money has gone to a good cause. Behold, Railcars take on “Cloudbusting”. Still warped, but not all together mutilated, the Railcars version is 8-bit bounce recorded on the saturated energy of top ramen and seclusion. As Aria sings “just saying it could even make it happen” it is heartfelt like maybe this was the last song he recorded for his covers record – feeling the relief of completion and a chance to go outside again.

The Railcars' Hounds Of Love covers record is being released on cassette, digital and CD next month through Crash Symbols and AMdiscs.

Railcars, “Cloudbusting” (Kate Bush cover)

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