Tweets of the week, April 30 2010

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If anyone's keeping track of the road to 2012 apocalypse, this was a big week, and not just because of that awful Drake song. Between the Arizona police state and Steve Job's police raids, there was the death of Lala and that big hulking pile of oil that Obama dumped into the Gulf of Mexico.

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Yes, tweets:

R.I.P. Lala (We guess). Is going to cock block your nasty mediafire DL habit once and for all?

The left joked that the right would blame the oil spill on Obama, the right was cool with that.

Meanwhile we ponder what exactly your prayers are with when the forces of nature are bearing down on the Gulf Coast in the form of a giant Cloverfield oil monster visible from space.

Steve Jobs uses car metaphors to sell you his iPad while our friends were hoping those cars could fly. They cannot. And though most people called M.I.A.'s “Born Free” a decent Arizona polemic, some boycotted Shakira for actually going there, and others put Steve Job into their own police state metaphors.

Hole and Hole fans looked back at better times.

Blame it on Das Racist but “Can we get more ____ in the monitor” is the new test 1,2,3.

A female Rikers guard officially tried to recreate the “Mrs. Officer” video.

Drake kills off a few fan legions after getting nauseated into a microphone.

And you know Interpol's new song's not doing it when you need to bee-line it straight from Spanish into IT SUCKS.

B.O.B. knows he's truly made it when our Jews are in, right?

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