Washed Out puts money where his mouth is

Henry Gruel

washed out

Washed Out is Ernest Greene.

While amateur bloggers set aside a siesta-length period of their days in order to beg the question “why chillwave?”, the professionals among us have known all along: car commercials.

For those who grew up on Super Nintendo, perhaps you're wondering why the smooth sounds of Washed Out's new single for the KIA-sponsored singles series on Adult Swim is making you want to get behind a wheel and cruise through utopian geometries.

Here's why:

Adult Swim's eight singles in eight weeks is rather similar to what the longer-running digital single series Beko's been handling for far more than eight weeks with constistent quality and regularity, and no funds.

But forget about that. Adult Swim's series is impressive, with big artists jumping in, ostensibly to rep the different KIA models being marketed. Madvillian's obviously the standard Soul, Flying Lotus the Soul !, Bonnie Prince Billy the Soul Sport, and now there's Washed Out, hocking the Soul Hovercraft, we hope, (alongside iTunes star Caroline Polachek of Chairlift, by the way).

Washed Out, “You and I” (Feat. Caroline Polachek)

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