Dear Boy – “Heaven Moves”

Post Author: Myles Hunt

L.A. band shares stunning, ghoulish video for latest single

Time to bring it back on over to California for some L.A. musical panache. Dear Boy is a band that’s had a banger of a year with consistent touring that has garnered them a myriad of fans. Leading into 2019, The Strawberry EP brought their journey to new heights as they have shown no signs of slowing down. Their latest video for “Heaven Moves” – which premiered via New Noise Magazine – continues to stamp them as one of a kind musicians with an ambitious aesthetic to marvel at.

While currently on tour supporting Psychedelic Furs and James, the crew remain pleasantly busy. For reference, Dear Boy is comprised of Ben Grey, Austin Hayman, Keith Cooper, and Lucy Lawrence. Their video for “Heaven Moves” is truly one of a kind, just like the song itself. In regards to the visuals, Ben Grey gave some insight into the concept, “The original idea was A Hard Day’s Night, but the Beatles are monsters, and it’s directed by Eric Rohmer. We feel like we’re creating our own world within modern guitar music, so this video was a fun little way to let you know there are four ghouls living amongst you. ‘Heaven Moves’ is a song about undying love and the unique spirituality that exists within that. We had just finished writing a full length record before this song came along… It didn’t completely fit with the others, so we leaned into modernity and just decided to record and release it. I think it’s a fitting bridge between ‘The Strawberry EP’ and what’s coming next from us.” Listeners will no doubt be eager for more.

A black-and-white universe is introduced as the band members – in various face paintings reminiscent of mimes and the Mexican Day of The Dead celebrations – wander towards the viewer. Rock reigns with casual comfort here. Their profiles and ominous stares beckon the viewer to come along with the song. While the track itself remains catchy, the eerie vocals sweep across into an alternate reality. It’s an intimate introspective into a pure urban atmosphere imagined by the musicians. Listeners can mute the video and still gain insight into the proposed apparitions of Dear Boy if only for a few minutes. Please note, keep the music playing, it is well worth the daydream.

Give “Heaven Moves” a watch and a listen below.