Exclusive Premiere: BRAEVES – "Pull Me In"

Photo by Tim Toda

It’s been just about two years since we last heard from BRAEVES with their single “Bitter Sea“. Since then, the band featuring Ryan Colt Levy (Vocals/Guitar), Derek Tramont (Bass/Keyboard) and Thomas Killian McPhillips VII (Drums/Vocals) has been tinkering with their sound and style so much so that they recently welcomed a fourth member in lead vocalist/guitarist, Scott Goldbaum.
BRAEVES’ new dynamic is now ready to bear fruit in the form of “Pull Me In,” a shining piece of indie-pop-rock arriving just in time for your summer playlists. On the track, the quartet mine and explore their expanded harmony powers with crisp keys and guitars leading the way.
Goldbaum shares, “Undertaking ‘Pull Me In’ as a band in the recording studio consisted of name changes, lyric rewrites, added bridges, chord reharmonization and the guidance of our producer (Grayson Sanders) in helping us reel in five different perspectives into one uncompromised vision. The patience, trust, and unfiltered creative impulses from the four of us and our producer embodied what I’ve always aspired to have in a pure collaborative process.”
Stream BRAEVES’ “Pull Me In” below and keep up with more from the band here.