Guest List: decker.

decker. is a Sedona, AZ-based songwriter that offers a wonderful swirl of golden-hued psych-Americana sounds. His new album, “Born to Wake Up” is out now via Royal Potato Family and to celebrate we had decker. give us a guest list of songs that inspire him. “Born to Wake Up is available to purchase here.

I don’t lean too heavily on freshly released music per se, although there are some bands that I always try to keep up with their newer material. That said there was a wide range of influence I drew upon, mostly subconsciously, when writing and recording my latest record, Born to Wake Up. These are the bands that stay with me in my mind and on my stereo and it would be safe to say these songs inspire me and impacted the way the songs on this new album came through in recording.

Dax Riggs – “See You All in Hell or New Orleans”

This song kills me, in the best of ways. It is so patient and haunting. Dax Riggs has long been a favorite of mine. He’s this black magic man from the south. His voice is impeccable and his songs always have this other-worldly nature to them. It’s stunning to me this man isn’t more well known than he is.

Black Sabbath – “Planet Caravan”

I wouldn’t call Black Sabbath a continuous presence in my mind. That said, when I was arranging our new song The Garden it quickly became apparent to me I wanted a vibe akin to Planet Caravan. It’s uncharacteristically understated and so moody and mysterious. I love the stripped down nature and the effect on Ozzy’s vocals. It was, in particular, this vocal treatment that I wanted to try and capture on my recording.

AA Bondy – “Hiway/Fevers”

AA Bondy is another writer whom I greatly reminder. Much like fellow Fat Possum Records’ Dax Riggs, Bondy strikes me as the real deal-making amazing concept albums full of rich lyrics, songwriting, and soundscapes. To that end, his album “Believers” is one I consider a perfect album and which never is far away from my ears. The entire album is lush and mysterious. The sounds he uses on this album captivated me and definitely have found their way into my desert interpretations for years. This song always reminded me of 80’s/90’s Leonard Cohen with its synthy, driving bass.

Angel Olsen – “Windows”

Olsen has probably been my favorite songwriter for about 4 years since I first heard “Burn Your Fire for No Witness.” She’s one of the rare writers/artists that I love each song on her albums and can return to her a weekly basis. In particular, this song Windows has always struck me as consumingly powerful and I’ve shared many a reflective moment with it. When I made the song The Saint on the new record – a song honoring my grandmother’s passing last year, I came back to his song for some guidance and inspiration on how I’d like to sonically treat my song in the recording process.

Phosphorescent – “Pride”

Our New album “Born to Wake Up” is this on the land concept album and journey. To that end, it is bookended with some field recordings and sounds by way of the intro and outro tracks. Phosphorescent’s album pride has been a long favorite of mine. A true concept album, that to me also feels of the land, I’ve always imagined some upstate New York setting in autumn as he wrote and/or recorded this album. This track, in particular, the closing song on the album, is this meditation of sound and energy and quite beautiful and rich (especially in a good pair of headphones.)