Historian, “Away”

Words by: Madison Hetterly

Following the success of their 2017 LP Expanse, Historian continues to explore and challenge with their newest LP, Distant Wells. Collaborating with string ensemble Quartetto Fantastico to enhance each track with a crescendo of emotions, the album entrances with thought-provoking lyrics articulately sung by lead vocalist Chris Karman. Exploring with sound in playful and exciting ways, each track takes you on a journey of a space rock feel. Carefully thought out and mastered, Historian continues to push boundaries with Distant Wells.

Today, Impose Magazine is premiering the album’s latest single, “Away.”

Karman shares: “‘Away’ is about longing to make a positive mark on the world, no matter how insignificant it might seem in the grand scheme of things.”

Stream “Away” below and look for Distant Wells out September 18th.