Kisos – “He Didn’t Want Me”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

Rising indie-pop musician drops poignant acoustic-driven stunner

As one year (and decade) transitions to the next, indie-pop genre-blender Kisos is giving us another new single to help us leave the past where it belongs. “He Didn’t Want Me” is a blunt, acoustic-driven song that cuts straight to your heart and leaves you gasping for air.

The single was produced by Kisos and Jo Lee, and is the second release from Kisos’s upcoming sweet nothings EP, where each track will correspond to one of the five stages of grief: bargaining, denial, anger, depression, acceptance.

“He Didn’t Want Me” channels the acceptance stage of grief, but for Kisos, acceptance wasn’t peaceful or happy – it was a somber realization that the love he imagined in his dreams would never become reality.

Take a listen to Kisos’s heart-wrenching performance of “He Didn’t Want Me” below, and connect more with him at his official website.

Photo Credit: Laura Harding