LKFFCT, Cayenne

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

When last we left LKFFCT, they were releasing their great LP, Dawn Chorus. That was only a few months ago and the quartet featuring Max Rauch (Guitar, Vocals, Percussion), Keith Williams (Guitar, Vocals), Brian Legentil (Bass) and Ryan Baredes (Drums, Percussion) are already back to make things spicy and kick out the motherfuckin’ jams.
The Cayenne EP arrived yesterday and features four tracks and less than ten minutes of LKFFCT shredtacularly unleashed. Whereas Dawn Chorus sported more of the band’s slacker-pop leanings, Cayenne gives you an incendiary blend of high octane punk and barroom bops. Don’t sleep on the latest release from one of the Garden State’s best under-appreciated bands.
Stream LKFFCT’s Cayenne in full below and order your copy via Sniffling Indie Kids here.