A Deer A Horse, "Backswimmer"

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

Since releasing a split single back in 2015, Brooklyn-based rockers A Deer A Horse took a step back and have returned lurching forward out of a metaphorical ooze with an unwaveringly ferocious and focused sound. The trio comprised of Rebecca Satellite (guitar, vox), Angela Phillips (bass) and Dylan Teggart (drums) spent the latter half of last year working with a setlist of exclusively new, unreleased material getting sharper and sharper with each performance.
These excellent, immediately arresting shows were led by the track “Backswimmer” which sways menacingly as Satellite brilliantly and poetically describes a situation that seems inescapable despite best efforts. The whole thing turns on a dime at the bridge wherein the powerful dynamic of A Deer A Horse locks into an unassailable groove.
Backswimmer is now available here. Catch A Deer A Horse at St. Vitus on May 1st.