Alexia Avina with her LP Betting on an Island.

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Like a far-off whisper, Alexia Avina’s voice creeps into the first track, “I Don’t Want All Your Money” off her debut LP, Betting on an Island. Twinkling guitar lines interweave through Avina’s coos and velvet vocal melodies, exploring the inner-workings of Avina’s creative mind.

Avina’s music is a bit hard to nail to one, or even three genres– but her life background has been a blending of different cultures, so it only makes sense that this diverse upbringing adds to her sound. Raised in Northern Thailand, Avina eventually moved to Montreal, where she released her debut EP in 2014. Betting on an Island is a beautiful work, elegantly cherry picking the best parts of dream-pop, folk, and shoegaze.

“Glove” floats in like a hazy dream, spellbinding the listener into a fog of the unknown. Through Avina’s artful direction and careful blending of experimental with familiar, she creates accessible, but daring music. Keep up with Alexia here.