Denmark Vessey, "Sellout" (produced by Knwxledge and Earl Sweatshirt)

Post Author: Andre G

Earl Sweatshirt is still hard at work on his upcoming album, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get busy on other work. Earl recently collaborated with Knwxledge on an EP – not to drop bars, however, but to lay a canvas for Denmark Vessey. Their “Sellout” track is a song from Denmark’s upcoming Sun Go Nova project, which is entirely produced by the pair.
Denmark has called the experimental track “the Vernon Maxwell on the Sun Go Nova album.” Why? Because “without it, we don’t win a championship, the same way the 94’ Houston Rockets don’t get a ring without Vernon Maxwell.”
Denmark is clearly going for the gold on the 5-track Sun Go Nova, which will be released on 4/20 via Mello Music Group. The gloomy, artfully-lurching production on “Sellout” bodes well for the rest of the project – as does the engaging narrative Denmark goes alongside Vic Spencer and DrxQuinnx.
You can stream “Sellout” below and pre-order Sun Go Nova here.