Dooms Virginia, “Forgetful Sam”

Justin Hernandez

Dooms Virginia have formally announced their presence on the scene with their Impose exclusive debut track “Forgetful Sam”. Formerly known as Annie Girl & The Flight, the band recently adopted a new moniker after vocalist and guitarist Annie Lipetz was visited in a dream by Roy Sullivan, the man who had been struck by lightning the most in his lifetime and someone whom Lipetz had long been fascinated with (you can read the rest of that story here). Such otherworldly inspiration isn’t surprising as Dooms Virginia have created an enthralling and hypnotic work of neo-grunge pop.

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“Forgetful Sam is a love song wrapped in our nations downfall,” notes the band. “We are grains of sand on the beach of existence but love is the sea.”

“Forgetful Sam” opens like a rock and roll march, building and pushing forward while growing ever louder. By the time the powerful, electric vocals of the aforementioned Annie Lipetz come into frame all shimmering and echoing, the song has crafted cinematic atmosphere to spare and that’s before any distortion kicks in. Such moments descend into an expansive and lovely madness of gurgling electronic tones and searing guitars that envelop and surround the listener and make the sonic variations all the more effective and dramatic.

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