E.R.I.E. – “Bad Man’s World”

Albany indie rock band shares energetic single off forthcoming LP Suburban Mayhem

Albany-based indie-rock band E.R.I.E. has just released their latest single, “Bad Man’s World,” from their forthcoming album, Suburban Mayhem. The single is an energetic and upbeat indie-punk tune with humorous lyrics that satirize modern suburban life in America. The band’s signature sound, which they describe as The Menzingers, Tom Petty, and Blink-182 thrown into a blender, is showcased perfectly in this track.

E.R.I.E. has developed a strong live presence and is known for their energy, vulnerability, and appreciation. The band’s second LP, Suburban Mayhem, reflects on the external forces that impact us daily, featuring collaborations with Brooklyn-based dream-pop trio ALMA and fellow Albany songwriter Sydney Worthley. The album is set to release next month via Mint 400 Records.

The band’s sophomore album contains 12 nostalgia-tinged songs with catchy choruses and crunchy guitars. “Bad Man’s World” is a perfect example of what’s to come. The song’s lyrics, written by TJ Foster (vocals/guitar), explore the flawed nature of the patriarchal world we live in, with a message that even in a “bad man’s world,” it’s the gentle and kind ones who leave the greatest impact.

You can give it a spin below: