Katie Buchanan, Who We Are When We're Standing

Post Author: Ian Schneider

Katie Buchanan, a New York City-based singer and songwriter, is set to release her second album Who We Are When We’re Standing on June 9th.  Katie’s grassroots beginnings in Kansas, where she was raised in a family of musicians, has helped develop her indie pop sound.  Nothing can better sum up this upcoming project and Buchanan’s work than this substantial quote from the talented musician herself:

Who We Are When We’re Standing is a record about just that: standing. Realizing you want to and learning how to.
I wrote it, produced it, and performed it. Just like my past records, no one else touched it until the mixing and mastering stage (where Doug Schadt and Heba Kadry took it over the edge). It’s a weird statement to have to make. It’s not uncommon, the one person record; but it’s quite a bit less visible when that person is a woman. For years, despite very clear “produced and performed” credits, I’ve fielded questions over who played that guitar or who arranged the drums.
 It’s an important statement to make, and not just as a technical distinction or a flag to wave. Creating a record alone can be maddeningly immersive but also completely invaluable. It’s not about shunning collaboration, but about tapping into something deeply personal. And these are, by far, the most personal songs I’ve ever written, produced, and performed.  They are filled with truths I’m still learning and ideas I’m still parsing. 
 Certain acts of discovery are better done alone. It might take a bit longer and it might be a bit harder, but you can’t make a record about standing still alongside the world without first standing on your own.

Electric, twinkling, layered. This release is something that will satisfy your pop cravings while also giving you massive substance in the lyrics, intricate instrumentals and a good, strong feeling.

For more information about Katie’s artistry, you can check out her website at http://katiebuchanan.com/.