Kazitexx, "Vibe Nou"

Post Author: Andre G

You may have heard this ad nauseum in the past couple months, but facts are facts: hip-hop is now the biggest music genre in the world. Over the past five years especially, regionalism has become a thing of the past in hip-hop as the physical barriers have been trumped by online access and shared tastes throughout the globe. Haiti-based hip-hop collective Kazitexx is one of the most remarkable sonic progeny of the circumstance.

The eleven-person crew, which formed in 2011, blends Caribbean rhythms with trap, Afrobeat, and Kompa into a gorgeous fusion. With members in France, the Netherlands, and the United States, among other places, the group has seemingly no choice but to radiate eclecticism. Their latest track “Vibe Nou” is a strong example of what they’ll have to offer on their debut SAN KONPLEX EP, which is coming November 21st on Point Records.

The fun, bouncy single, the second from the project, pays tribute to the night life, as the thumping 808s and delicate keys are ripe to set the vibe. So are the member’s verses, delivered in different languages. You may not know what they’re all melodically spitting, but it likely relates to this major theme:

“I got the squad and she got the friends/We got the vibe, let’s see how it ends.”

You can stream “Vibe Nou” below.