Lounge FM with their full length record Love Will Let You Down

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

From Winnipeg, MB Lounge FM is a group of 5 distinctive musicians each born with a good ear. Members of past groups like “Chop Logic” and “Teleharmonium”, Lounge FM combines all things pleasing to our minds with their foxy mixtures of sound. Love Will Let You Down was released March 30th and there is nothing bad that Impose can say about it. Listen to simply reminisce and relax to let go. Lounge FM will set the mood for you comfortably with its jazzy late night tales of love and beauty. The soul put into this album is inimitable.

Below Impose Magazine speaks to Corey Wohlgemuth from Lounge FM,

When did you begin writing and playing instruments? Was there something that really inspired you?

“I began playing guitar at the age of 14. I didn’t start writing music seriously until about 3 years ago. And I’m 29 now so it’s almost like “wow what have you been doing your entire life” but better late than never”

What were you listening to a lot of growing up? Were/are your parents passionate about music? What did they like to listen to during your childhood?

“My parents listened to a lot of country when I was growing up. But my dad also loved AC/DC…and still does. It’s pretty safe to say none of my musical influence came from my parents haha. I pretty much went through every phase you could imagine. From 90s grunge rock to hip-hop to hardcore. And then started really getting into jazz and jazz-based music around the age of 21 and it’s pretty much stayed that way for a long time. But I have an appreciation for a wide variety.”

How would you describe your music to others who haven’t heard of you before?

“Jazzy, tasteful, chill. Imagine taking a bath on a Friday night. Relaxed with the excitement of a Friday night.”

What albums/singes or icons influence your sound?

“Every time I listen to Erykah Badu’s Baduizm I feel like playing or writing something. That album is perfect to me. Duke Ellington – Piano Reflections is the album that pretty much got me into jazz. And then lots of new indie stuff like Homeshake and Mild High Club. Those dudes are tight.”

How long have you known your bandmates and where did you all meet?

“I’ve pretty much-known everyone since I began going to school. Adam and will were both in my grade. Matt was one year older and Joel was 2 years older. But we all grew up in the same town so we’ve all pretty much known each other our entire lives. Kinda cool.”


Would you like to speak about what the writing process was like for “Love Will Let You Down” and what you were going through at the time?
“Love Will Let You Down was basically just a collection of songs that started this band. The dancing in hell EP was the very first 4 songs we wrote. So I feel like those songs were us just figuring out what we were doing. And then we wrote this album. And as we started recording we wrote a few more along the way to fill it up.”
If you could give some solid advice to any musician struggling just starting out, What would you tell them?
“Just play! Write some songs. Force yourself to write songs. Be yourself about it. Find people who want to make music with you and enjoy the ride.”