Notes to Self debut album with footnotes

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Notes to Self have the slow flow moxie of a Canadian Dilated Peoples, which makes sense considering happy trees are legal in Toronto.

Notes to Self might also be a good name for a band that bases all its lyrics on Norm MacDonald's Weekend Update shtick. The actual facts are NTS consist of two rappers in Swamp Donkey and Roshin, producer Bronze One, turntablist DJ Dopey and no gimmicks. “Days Like These,” “Lifelines” and “Midnight Oil” (heard below) are testaments to this group's exceptional production and song writing skills. Like their west coast associates, NTS sport a sleepy style that complements burning something besides oil at midnight. While, DJ Dopey's cutting skills are the glue to the traditional boom bap style because a sung chorus is for toys.

Notes to Self are an open book when it comes to sharing its influences, a free open book on tape. The group's website features a series of Footnotes mixtapes, which act as an annotated bibliography for its debut A Shot In The Dark. The debut is out now on BBE.