Petticoat – “Greenlight”

Post Author: Kaya Haskins

A thrilling technicolor pop marvel from the rising Bay Area artist

Hailing from the tech center that is the Bay Area, there’s a relative symbiosis and juxtaposition in the retro-futurism that inspires rising artist Petticoat. On their debut EP, InFormat, the artist paints from a limitless palette fusing together classic dance structures with streaks of sonic color. Today, we’re happy to be highlighting single “Greenlight.”

On the track, Petticoat builds off initial, glacial synth stabs layering in brilliant whirs, crackles and pops. “Greenlight” serves as a thrilling technicolor pop marvel that you’ll want to lose yourself and find new elements in with each new listen.

“I’ve never done a piece of work that was so ripe with intent and purpose down to every last detail. I couldn’t make a song about modern connection without the inclusion of sex work. So much music in history and even today paints them as needing saving or in danger. I wanted to make a song that celebrated infatuation over websites and the people who use sex and intimacy as a tool for income. the song is dance-y and fun, but sonically feels like it’s going all over the place,” Petticoat says. “The countless instruments, the noises popping in and out. The point was to make a sonic representation of a sex site. Pop ups, malware, medicine scams, and all. A place where you can meet a cam model and hopefully not contract a computer virus.”

Listen to Petticoat’s “Greenlight” below and look for it on Spotify here.

Photo Credit: Nas Bogado