Secret Drum Band, "Jazz (Timber Sale)"

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

“Jazz (Timber Sale)” is the second single off the debut album Dynamics from Secret Drum Band, the Portland, OR based collaborative made up of artists Lisa Schonberg, Allan Wilson, and Heather Treadway.  SDB has created a mesmerizing musical style guided by five drummers, “affected vocals, guitar and synthesizers from noise musicians, often mimicking sounds found in nature”.  The sound is truly unique and all encompassing.  You can really hear and feel the music with your entire body.
Lisa Schonberg had a bit to say about the track:

“Jazz (Timber Sale)” was composed in response to the physical and sonic environment within the ‘Jazz’ timber area of Mount Hood National Forest, while it was being logged in the summer of 2015. The song contains on-site field recordings as well as improvised sounds representing cricket calls, electricity, logging trucks, falling trees, vegetation in intact areas, and the distribution of remaining trees after logging.

Secret Drum Band has tapped into a particular sound that allows you to become the music.  It’s a rare feat.

Tour Dates:
Aug 7: Corvallis OR at Bombs Away
Aug 8: Sacramento, CA at WAL with Drug Apts
Aug 9: San Francisco, CA at El Rio with Drug Apts
Aug 10: Oakland, CA at Pro Arts with Jorge Bachmann and Cheryl Leonard & an Ecology + Music Panel
Aug 11: Ojai, CA at Bryant Warehouse with LA Takedown & My Allowance
Aug 12: Los Angeles, CA at Zebulon with LA Takedown & My Allowance
Aug 13: Santa Ana, CA at LGBT Center with Yaawn
Aug 16: Joshua Tree, CA at Hell House
Aug 18: Salt Lake City, UT at Vague Space with SELFMYTH
Aug 19: Boise, ID at The Olympic with Big Taste and Phantahex
Aug 22: Spokane, WA at The Observatory
Aug 23: Olympia, WA at Obsidian with Nudity
Aug 24: Portland, OR at White Owl Social Club with Notel

Dynamics is out August 4th on XRAY Records and is available for preorder now.