Seed to Flower Thursdays with volcano!

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Welcome to this week's installment of Seed to Flower Thursdays with volcano!, where the band presents a debut cut from their upcoming album Piñata while revealing sources of divine musical inspiration. From an undisclosed location somewhere in Chicago you learn the band's ethos where Aaron With explains that “songs are a lot like flowers. Flowers aren't born out of thin air, they grow from seeds.” Here you get the inside scoop from Aaron, Mark Cartwright and Sam Scranton as they take you to their new song's origins today and next Thursday, June 7.

Today volcano! reckons that seeds are also a lot like cans. Cans of chili that is, as the volcano! gang instructs you on the recipe behind their new song “Platebreaker” and food favorite; pineapple chili. First shave the sides off the prickly fruit and cut out a deep bowl, grind open up that can of chili and dispense into the heat safe pot. Once warm, get your pineapple bowls ready and pour the heated chili into your carved and edible tropical dishware. After this you will have completed the inspirational method behind today's debut “Platebreaker”.

“And with all the pineapple chili that we have cooked up in this place, it's just so hot-hot-hot, so hot to believe, there's nothing there to taste,” Aaron sings, getting caught up in the cooking ritual as things begins to get hectic on the new track. Setting the stovetop controls to 'HI,' “Platebreaker” boils over to a multi-dimensional suite that gets everything from the angular guitar licks, kitchen sink percussion, synth lazers, and a Jeff Bucklian breakdown that sounds like the perfect “Mojo Pin” sequel, never made until now. Breaking the rules of plates, plating conventions and pioneering perhaps a new phenemonent now to be known as 'pineapple chili rock', volcano! invites you to indulge in their latest creation.

Catch a new volcano! song from their upcoming album Piñata on Seed to Flower Thursdays here, dropping weekly through June 7.

Piñata will be released June 12 stateside and June 4 in Europe while pre-orders are available now from the Leaf Label and Bandcamp.