Total Abuse, “Bootlicker”

Sjimon Gompers

Austin's Total Abuse in the sanctuary of bones. (press photos courtesy of the band)

Found on the band’s Looking For Love EP from Deranged Records, Total Abuse’s “Bootlicker” is a minute and a half of pulverizing, shit-kicker obliterations; a role play of dominants and submissives for urgent demands and callous commands.

The title track showcased frontman Rusty Kelley’s search for heart-strung satisfaction, whereas “Bootlicker” seeks someone to scrape the shit right off their shoes. The guitar section of Duncan Knappen and Ryan Foster take no prisoners, measuring their aggressive assault against the mean rhythm reigns from Dustin Pilkington and Matt Lyons. The combined power front from Total Abuse churns like the chaos in the eye of the tornado’s twisting funnel or the battered and bruised no-man’s-land center of the slam-dance pit. The chords kick out calamitous sounds of caution, coupled by Rusty’s clenched-fisted call to “lick my boot… now!”

Tiding us over with this tour 7″ until their upcoming LP is released; Total Abuse are bringing some of the rawest and rowdiest sounds you can find out in the Lone Star State.

Total Abuse’s tour kicks off tonight at home in Austin, TX, full dates listed below:

14 Austin, TX – Club 1808
15 Denton , TX – Rubber Gloves
16 Kansas City, KS – Fokl Center
17 Saint Louis, MO – Bonerville
18 Chicago, IL – The Mouse Trap
19 Milwaukee, WI – The Uptowner
21 Cincinnati, OH – The Fickle Ramp Room
22 Dayton, OH – The South Park Tavern
23 New York, NY – Nothing Changes
24 Providence, RI – Penny Gaff
25 Buffalo, NY – Summer Scum Fest
27 New York, NY – The Red Light District
28 Allentown, PA – Good Weekend
29 Baltimore, MD – Gold Bar
30 Memphis, TN – Murphy’s

01 Houston, TX – Mangos
03 Austin, TX – Mohawk with Ex-Cult

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