Twilight Sad, Forget the Night Ahead

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When those alien vowels land on American ears, Scottish accents seize a sort of home field advantage for their music, since we only use three syllables for the expression “running scared.” Arab Strap captives, you know who you are.

You're probably in the same camp as those who fondly remember Twilight Sad. Their Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters was the moody winter anthem for many a drunk 20-something, and it doesn't sound like there's been any sea changes in our Glaswegian bro's constitution. Their new 7″ Forget the Night Ahead (Fat Cat) sees them pacing the same damp melancholy themes, but with perhaps more backbone about their rollicking melodies and stratified pop-leanings. Wonder if Steve Albini likes the cover of The Wedding Present's “Suck It” on the B-side. You'll have to find that one for yourself. Maybe here.