Vagabon – “Carpenter”

Post Author: Myles Hunt

Rising singer-songwriter thrills with Rostam-produced indie pop single

Hello to a fresh start! Despite the promise of a new tomorrow, the world seems to be attempting to stay as grounded as possible. That goes the same for musicians as well. Vagabon, aka Lætitia Tamko, is one such musical talent that understands that foundation with the release of her latest single, “Carpenter”. Co-produced by Rostam, the track is Vagabon’s first release since her successful 2019 self-titled album. With more music on the way as well as a tour with Weyes Blood this spring, this artist is not afraid to broaden her horizons while keeping it close to her chest. 

“’Carpenter’ is about that humbling feeling when you desperately want to be knowledgeable, you want to be advanced, you want to be mature, forward-thinking, and evolved… It’s about being confronted with your limitations. It’s about that ‘A-HA’ moment, when a lesson from the past finally clicks and you want to run and tell someone who bore witness to the old you, ‘I finally get it now.’”

A steady and captivating beat launches the listener into Vagabon’s ethereal vocals, which hypnotize on the spot. Already stuck with a welcomed earworm, the listener begs for a continued bit of satisfaction. It is a fluid track that offers much in discovery and intrigue upon each replay. Sometimes the energy is somber, while other times hopeful, which in itself is ideal for any song’s goal. Within the single, the listener is forced to reckon with their unknown place in a new year, whether they want to or not. Vagabon’s style is clear, sincere and vulnerable. Fans will relish this familiar flair with a unique touch of organic evolution. All of the production is clean and may seem simple, but its complex orchestrations prove to be an intense study. Music fans in general will be in bliss with this change of musical scenery. Many will be keeping their ears open for more this year from Vagabon, that’s for certain.

You can give “Carpenter” a spin below: