Wintermute, "Rah"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Coming together through a mutual appreciation of both shoegaze and experimental rock, Bloomington, IN based Wintermute fuses rough instrumentals with frustrated vocals, resulting in pure noise rock. After songwriter Oliver Boch wanted to send his musical project on a new path, he teamed up with drummer AT Bossenger to begin a more aggressive approach to the genre. Eventually, bassist Martin Law and violinist Hadley Gephart (who also designed the layout for their debut) were added to the group. Danielle Urschel designed the artwork.
On “Rah,” the title may even be a play on words– the vocals scream of raw emotion, and the instrumentals feel more than organic. It’s clear that Wintermute’s inspiration is coming from a newly examined place. Kicking off their album, “Rah” is a dynamic taste of Wintermute’s style, full of layered guitars intertwining with Boch’s expressive vocals, overflowing with emotion and desire. The track previews what is to come on their dynamic debut, a fresh approach to a sound that lies somewhere between punk, grunge, and noise rock.

Wintermute’s debut full length FIVER is out June 20th. You can preorder it here.