Northern California's Northern Nights Festival Announces Medical Marijuana Zone

Post Author: Andre G

The committee running California’s Northern Nights Festival is using this year’s fest to take a stand on a hot button issue. They recently announced that they would be taking advantage of the festival’s placement near the Emerald Triangle, a renowned marijuana cultivation region, to create a “Tree Lounge” for legal cannabis card holders.
The lounge is described as an “innovative educational oasis in the center of the festival” which will feature marijuana educators, sampling, interactive installations, and even meet-and-greets with festival headliners. The Northern California region that the festival takes place in has been a prime area for marijuana cultivation despite stringent regulations throughout the years. Now that things have become more lax nationwide, the festival is free to openly celebrate the culture.
The festival is also planning to do what’s always done: provide great music for three days at the Cook’s Valley Campground 3 hours north of San Francisco. The festival will showcase acts like Living Legends, Jai Wolf, Cherub, Big Wild, G Jones, Dirtwire, and more. For more information about the Tree Lounge and the festival, visit the official site here.