Paper Fairy, “You Know You’ve Not A Thing”

Paper Fairy is the solo project of Brooklyn musician Chris Gaskell who is now detailing plans for a new LP, Haunter Haunted. Impose Magazine has the exclusive premiere of its first single, “You Know You’ve Not A Thing,” today.

Exploring the duality life inexplicably offers, Haunter Haunted is a horror concept album where two opposing forces discover they are one. That push and pull is evident in “You Know You’ve Not A Thing,” which is highlighted by sparkling guitars and off-kilter rhythms. In short, the initial offering from Haunter Haunted promises more to immerse you in while keeping you constantly on your toes.

“This song is an older sibling confessing to a younger sibling; part tough warning and part intimate revelation.

This is the first song I wrote, got the idea on a treadmill.”

Stream Paper Fairy’s “You Know You’ve Not A Thing” below and look for Haunter Haunted out later this fall.