February 2021 Mix

Jeff Cubbison

Featuring new tracks, videos, live performances & a sprinkling of SOPHIE highlights

To kick off our first monthly YouTube mix, we’re paying tribute to SOPHIE, the prolific game-changing electronic producer and pop forward-thinker, who tragically passed away last week at the age of 34. We’ve sprinkled in a few of her career highlights alongside new material from up-and-comers like Stomp Talk Modstone, Buggin and Tashaki Miyaki, seasoned legends such as Madlib and Xiu Xiu, as well as live clips from Small Black, Goat Girl and Viagara Boys, and so much more. Check out the mix and the full tracklist below!


  1. SOPHIE – Ponyboy
  2. shame – Snow Day
  3. Stomp Talk Modstone – Lily
  4. Miynt – a bite of papaya
  5. NewDad – I Don’t Recognize You
  6. Julien Baker – Faith Healer (live on The Late Show)
  7. Buggin – Brainfreeze
  8. Heno. – BLACKSTARRR
  9. SOPHIE – It’s Okay To Cry
  10. Xiu Xiu – A Bottle of Rum
  11. The Sonder Bombs – The Brink
  12. Tashaki Miyaki – Gone
  13. Goat Girl – The Crack (live from Nunhead Alhambra)
  14. Madlib – Hopprock
  15. I Mean Us – 普通人類
  16. Regional Justice Center – Absence
  17. PVLMS – How They Move
  18. Magdalena Bay VR live set (at Virtual Utopia 4)
  19. Here Lies Man – In These Dreams
  20. lonemoon – flower
  21. SOPHIE interview (with Arte TRACKS)
  22. White Ring – I NEED A WAY
  23. Viagara Boys – Ain’t Nice (live from Shrimp Sessions 2)
  24. Sincere Engineer – Tourniquet
  25. Charlie Hickey – Ten Feet Tall
  26. Moor Mother & Billy Woods – Gang for a Day
  27. Squid – Narrator
  28. Nervous Dater – Middle Child
  29. Chelsea Wolf & Emma Ruth Rundle – Anhedonia
  30. Genghis Tron – Dream Weapon
  31. Small Black – Tampa VR live set (at Virtual Utopia 4)
  32. portrayal of guilt – It’s Already Over / Masochistic Death
  34. QT – Hey QT


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