We often care about causes in a glib way. We sing the song of the Lorax, and bash the EPA in our social media posts, yet we use plastic bags for our lunches, and never shutter over the carbon footprint of our plane rides across the country. We like to be seen as people who care, but do we care enough to create change? This same concept can be applied to love. We say we “love” someone — but do we act on it? How do you know if it’s real?

Piqued Jacks’ new single, “Eternal Ride for a Heartful Mind,” is the second release from the band’s forthcoming, third album, The Living Past, due out October 26, 2018. The lyrics that really stand out about the song’s message come right before the chorus: “Life may lead the way / Love will give you shape.” Then, the anthemic chorus drives the meaning of the song home: “Let’s hit the road, it’s winding down / Have we lost control? / Are the seatbelts on? / Should we slow, slow it down? / Are we going too fast? / And she said / As fast as our feelings.”

The band comments, “Lyrics refer to love as a rollercoaster, an eternal ride. When a relationship is considered “unusual” by society, others can create a sort of skepticism around the two lovers. Sometimes this can affect the relationship itself, it can jeopardize moments of intimacy with doubts and questions (are we going too fast? for example). No matter people judging, differences, distance, ups and downs, you can always count on the love for each other and you should go as fast as your feelings want.”

The video is where we see the theme of activism come into play. We see a man take a pilgrimage into the forest, alone. We’re confused about where he’s going and why, until he reaches his destination: a protest against deforestation. People are chained to trees, as the demolition crew works around them. Holding signs, and full of emotion, the protests hold signs begging “don’t cut it! plant it!” We learn the man is in love with one of the protestor’s and has come to aid the cause.

The band says, “The story in the video is one of the millions, but what we like about the director’s vision is that there’s also space for other interpretations and types of love (could be love for nature in this case, but also love for your dreams, whatever they might be).”

The moment that wraps the song and video up work to open up the definition of love. The last lyrics of the song say it best: “Free my head, bring me up, take away my breath / I would do it again and again and all over again / Every curve, every blur, every swirl.” We’re reminded of the quote that opens the video: “People in love only want love, even at the cost of pain.” – Italo Calvino, The Baron in the Trees.

If this video doesn’t move you, you might want to check your pulse. It’s been a stereotype for a long time that Italians are a culture of romantics and are most passionate (maybe tied with the French), but this song proves that generalizations aside — these Italians understand the nuances of modern love and have hearts big enough to hold every definition of what it means to be lovers. Love truly does not have limits.

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