Sophistakits – “Sophistakitted”

Post Author: Myles Hunt

Instrumental soul band soars on groovy, solo-heavy new jam

Break out the crisp apple cider, spiked of course, for some more magical tunes! Listeners are always deeply in need of refreshing soul, and Sophistakits are just the musicians to sate such desires. With the release of their single “Sophistakitted,” the collective are sure to bring the warmth for many fans this season. Sophistakits is made up of collaborators Eddie Roberts, Eric McFadden, Wally Ingram, Miles Tackett, Chris Spies and Jeff Franca. All of these men are not to be ignored with their prowess being paramount. Their solo and group discography is filled to the brim with songs that capture the listenership with continuous ease. This track is optimal for a step into the pleasurable void that is Sophistakits.

A memorable beat from Wally and Jeff followed by a feral riff from Miles bring on the hook of this track. As always, Chris’ stunning keyboard expertise lets the ears sink into the song with a sense of overwhelming comfort. Nostalgia washes over the listener as the days of funk-soul take over yet again. Fans are transported to a race of time with a rush to dance to the groove before it all ends. Various solos within offer a glimpse into the stylizations of each musician’s enveloping skill. While there are joyously frantic moments, thanks to Eddie and Eric, the track keeps its footing with praise. Clicking the repeat button will be a natural next inclination.

For fans who are eager for more, they can witness this musical magnificence first-hand when they perform at The Joy Theater in New Orleans via the Widespread Panic after-show on November 1! It will be worth every penny and fans can purchase tickets here. Give a listen to Sophistakitted below.