Space Above – “Stolen Days”

Post Author: Myles Hunt
photo by Maddie North

The Naked and Famous member’s side project unveils dreamy, wondrous new track & video

Hello there fall, nice to see you finally! As usual, seasonal changes bring yet a whole cornucopia of musical goodness for all to enjoy. Space Above, the electronic brainchild of musician Aaron Short from The Naked and Famous, is back with a stellar track, “Stolen Days.” The song is an ideal segue into the brisk weather, and the support of Alisa Xayalith just adds onto the excellence at hand.

Space Above started from Short’s shared home studio in Echo Park, fueled by the evolution of sporadic tunes alongside his New Zealand contemporaries Sam McCarthy and Maddie North. In regard to Stolen Days, Aaron gave his two cents, “Alisa and I always intended to do more music together. She immediately felt the aesthetic of the instrumental and in one afternoon session had lyrics and melody fully laid out”. The paired music video was directed by animator Isabel Garrett who said, “I wanted to hold onto the idea of being mentally trapped inside a space and only occasionally being able to see clearly. Turning this into a physical world seemed to make sense, with the exterior being really rich and filled with natural life, and the interior space being dark and claustrophobic.” Trippy yet fascinating at the same time.

Listeners enter a dream space without delay. Smooth echoes and trance glide in to a catchy beat. Alisa’s signature vocals pop up to snag the listener’s interest for good. While the track is somber, there is a sense of uplifting elements at hand with the optimistic groove. Overlapping visions can be translated by the listener as the path of the song is unveiled. Images of peace, tranquility in tandem with intermittent chaos brings the scene into a whirlwind of thrilling moments. The track waxes and wanes into unfamiliar territory that is not scary but rather comforting. “Stolen Days” is a perfect yin and yang experience all the way through. Give it a watch and listen below.