Voidie – Claustrophobic EP

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Rising hyperpop artist explores dark, glitchy textures on new EP

Carving a clear pathway to stardom is hyperpop artist Voidie with his new EP Claustrophobic. Voidie found his talent behind a computer screen during the COVID lockdowns, picking up a MIDI keyboard and downloaded DAW software after making and performing music for several years prior. Though Voidie had been pursuing a career as an actor, he found that making music was his true forte all along. 

The Claustrophobic EP is heartfelt, and a clear display of Voidie’s creativity driven by the idea of helping others around him after experiencing his own problems with mental health.

“This body of work is a downward spiral into my mind – a deep dive into my battle with addiction, anxiety and depression,” he shared. “Conflicted thoughts which left me feeling claustrophobic. As much as it was exhausting pouring my inner burdens and negativity into a microphone, I was relieved to finally and truly express myself and step out of my comfort zone.”

Throughout the EP, you can clearly hear the passion, love and inspiration Voidie gets from multiple genres across the board. The EP is unique and stands out amongst the hyperpop and HEXD pack in the way it blends elements of experimental electronic, rap, and trap alongside heavily-autotuned pop vocals. Opening track “Gaga” begins with a soft guitar riff that quickly changes to a heavy and punchy bass and kick drum. It’s a heavy track disguised by its trap-like rap styled vocals and autotuned effects. With Voidie being an inspired and ambitious creative, he has collaborated with director Ollie Steer to co-direct the music video for the third track “Pushing Daisies.”

“This nightmarish yet charming story unfolds giving an insight into mine and Voidie’s minds. We strived for a piece of art: a collaboration, a duality – and that’s what we achieved,” Steer says.

Inspired by the likes of Yung Lean, Drain Gang, and 6 Dogs, Voidie’s sound has shaped into something that crosses multiple genres and styles. It’s exciting to hear the motivations behind this project, and provides a perfect reason as to why this EP will resonate with so many. You can stream it below: