Yellow Room – “Free”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Rising Portland indie band drops poignant debut single

Yellow Room is a rising indie rock band from Portland fronted by singer-songwriter Annie Fifer. Having cut her teeth in various bands over the past several years in Portland’s DIY scene, Fifer’s work with Yellow Room – which also features Kyle Rosse and Jordan Krinsky – has yielded her most personal and fully-formed songwriting to date. Simmering garage-rock melodies, soothing vocals, and intimate moods form the backbone of their beautifully subtle style. Today, Impose is thrilled to premiere “Free,” the stunning first single off Yellow Room’s debut EP Taking Care, which is set to drop later this fall.

On “Free,” Fifer’s delicate vocal croon floats over fuzzy, infectious guitar riffs and pulsating rhythms. There’s a reverberating, rollicking subtlety to the production – with a jangly intensity that slowly snowballs as the track progresses. According to Fifer, the song is about “the anxiety of withdrawal.” The track’s lyrics are vividly drawn and cathartic, seeking comfort in moments of weakness or stress:  “Hold back/ Ease your mind to let it breath/ Hold my hand inside out/ Hear you say ‘I will give it up.'” Overall, it’s a terrific mid-tempo indie-rock single full of moments of sonic warmth that complement its searing themes.

Taking Care promises to be a lush, tight, cohesive set of songs and truly poignant listen. When that record drops, we’ll be sure to bring you coverage. In the meantime, listen to “Free” below via Soundcloud.