Tommi Waring on Working Between London & Miami

Meet MwS – The Duo Who Moved to The U.K on the Day of Brexit..

M w S are a songwriting duo from a small town in Italy with a fresh sound perfect for long summer evenings in the capital.

Alex Mattson Takes Us Through His Studio Anthems..

Interview: Me For Queen Talks Influences And Songwriting Method..

Growing up with a blues guitarist father, music was only an inevitability for Mary Erskine/ Me For Queen.

Interview – Filo Vals Talks About Self-Directing His Music Videos

Songwriting has been a pillar in the life of Filo Vals since he first picked up a guitar, aged just six years old. Influenced by the likes of Paolo Nutini..

Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: ETA, Kristen Barredo, Micah E. Wood

Ben Ramazani, Darklands, Drawing Boards, Dream System 8, Eureka California, LUC B, Moon Racer, MC Paul Barman, guest selections by Hinds.


Sam Ritchie Takes us Through His Top 5 Miles Davis Tracks

5 Favorite tracks from Jazz Legend and icon Miles Davis

Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: Floam, Pleather, Sis

Memory Keepers, Michael Beach, Reality Something, Rearranged Face, guest selections by Nectar.

Interview – UK Songwriter Andrea Di Giovanni

His new single ‘Our Own Way’ is released today, so we caught up with the young songwriter to hear the story so far..

“Have Fun, One Day You’re Gonna Die” – An Interview with Vurro

Castilla y León based multi-instrumentalist

Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: Hoop, Sabri, Sarah Clanton

The Honey Toads, John Moods, Luna Honey, The Parlor, guest selections by Exitmusic.

Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: Caicos, Romantic Thriller, YASSOU

Fat Tony, Ghostel, HAETHOR, Saw Tooth Wave, Young Galaxy, guest selections by Kississippi.

Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: Dreamend, Joe Gorgeous, lojii

Bones & Beeker, Cool Calm Chrys, Grey Fiction, LEX, guest selections by Zola Jesus.

Goldmine Sacks

Week in Pop: Emily Ritz, Hélène Barbier, Pictorial Candi

A Beacon School, DJ Platurn, Fléau, Madam West, guest selections by Fijimacintosh.

Big Questions

An Interview with Alessandro Ciminata

Ahead of the launch of his new single ‘Flashing Lights’ we caught up with the songwriter about how it’s been going so far..


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