Real Estate @ Thalia Hall

Post Author: Georgia Hinaris

The indie stalwarts delivered a blissful set in Chicago along with opener Marina Allen

For the past 15-plus years, Real Estate have been one of the most beloved bands in the indie sphere. Chill, zoned-out, blissful soundscapes are the name of the game for the Brooklyn-based band, who released five excellent albums between 2008 and 2020. Earlier this year, the band returned with their fantastic, twangy new album Daniel, and they’ve been touring in support of it for the last couple months. Last week, the group delivered a phenomenal performance at Chicago’s Thalia Hall along with an impressive opening set from Marina Allen, an up-and-coming melodic singer-songwriter from Los Angeles. You can check out highlights from both of those sets below.

All Photos by Georgia Hinaris

Real Estate

Marina Allen