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Canadian singer/producer Forever just got done with a stint at SXSW in Austin last week. Even with the quick turnaround travel time, she packed in three (enthralling) shows, dazzlings the streets of Austin with her talents. In honor of her exhausting four days, she has actually given us a compact tour diary to enjoy. Check it out below!

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SXSW Diary  

Day 1 
~ Flights get cancelled due to a snowstorm in Montréal, and I miss my first show. What does this all mean, why is this happening? I walk in the blizzard to buy a frozen pizza. 
Day 2
~ Arrive in Austin for the first time ever! The city feels oddly familiar, maybe I’m having a momentary glimpse into a past life? My manager plugs an address into the taxi driver’s GPS, and he drops us off, but we never end up staying at our expected destination. There’s a Super 8 Motel on the corner, I drop my bags in room 234, and walk the ten minutes to the festival. I spend too much money on tacos, but fuck it! What next? Oh, definitely wanted to catch Mozart’s Sister and Marie Davidson’s shows, and definitely ended up falling asleep way too early…
Day 3
~ …cause I needed my beauty sleep for Day 3! Forever performing twice in one day at the Swan Dive hosting Women in Music Canada, and POP Montréal showcases, and I wake up feeling alive baby! I carry my 505 drum machine around in a tote bag, clutching it, protecting it, getting it hyped for stage. ‘We made it!’ I whisper. I sing. I dance. I connect. I could have worn a better outfit tbh. It was cute, but not my best. 
Day 4
~ Back in Montréal feeling like ‘what just happened? where am I? who am I?’. Stay tuned kittens! I’ve got secrets I can’t hide anymore! (hints ~ new single, and cute vids)
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