Itasca’s Top Five LA Music Experiences

Kayla Cohen

Itasca kayla cohen

Here’s a list of five Los Angeles-centered music experiences that first came to mind when Impose asked me to write about my perspective on LA. I am not originally from here, I moved out a couple years ago. So I wouldn’t say I am a great source of LA music knowledge, but I’d say in my experience LA has as good a music scene as anywhere… people do tend to stay home, many might say that’s the point of living here, to have the ability and space to get immersed within a project. I’ll go down that road sometimes, but I also like to try to see live music pretty often, to try to keep a good balance. Here is my list:


Franco from Sensations’ Fix was a big part of my experience when I first moved here. He was out here recording with Puro Instinct and Regal Degal, two other bi-coastal bands that I would recommend. This clip is from a show he recently played at Los Globos here in LA, backed by a couple different talented NY and LA-based musicians. As Franco would say, “Trust me, just-a listen to the music.”

David Kenneth Nance, “Bound to Complain”

Dave Nance is a person I will always recommend any time someone asks me about LA musicians. He is greatly underappreciated and I can only hope he has more limelight ahead. He’s originally from Omaha, and has put out several tapes and one LP, as far as I know. He is also the only other person who I’ve met here yet who knew who Peter Laughner was and was into that sort of music from the midwest.

Julian Bream, 1978 concert

Los Angeles’ saving grace (one of its’ only graces) is that it’s one of the best places to listen to music is in the car, and I do a lot of driving. Usually, after the sun goes down, I’ll turn on LA’s classical station, KUSC. Sometimes they will have an orchestra playing bombastic soundtrack music, which I will turn down quietly; but often they have classical guitar broadcasts such as this Julian Bream piece. He is well-dressed in this concert video, I might take some future cues from that. Another piece I heard recently was Ana Vidovic playing the “The Troubadours Three,” which brightened up an evening drive.

Sean McCann and Matthew Sullivan, “An Unknown Gentleman”

These two are part of a group of people who have quietly been making progressive music in LA for years. See also: Sun Araw, Jeff Witscher, Mirror to Mirror, Infinite Body

Chrome, “Armageddon”

Can’t really end a list about southern Californian music without mentioning Chrome. Helios Creed et al recently played a great show here. This song pretty well represents how I feel about LA; and provides a good soundtrack for driving miles with the sun beating down, looking out the window at the dying flora. The drought is not ending anytime soon, but if you live here you have to make the best of being at the doorstep of environmental ruin, and I’ll take Chrome’s alien perspective any day.

Itasca’s new LP Unmoored By The Wind will be released October 14 on New Images Limited.

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