Michael Goldman Talks NONA, Shares New Single “Otherways”

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Michael Goldman is nothing less than a superhero. A multi-instrumentalist with a passion for working on numerous projects at once, we were first smitten with him during his days as Meg Myers‘ bassist. But he’s been making music for years, his time on stage and in the studio beginning far before his tour days with Meg. For more background on the man himself, check out this article.

Right now, he’s switching gears to focus more on his solo project, NONA. He just released the single “Otherways” on July 8th, a vibey song that can be enjoyed on a hot summer night on the porch with friends, or drinking a cold beverage in your third floor apartment with your mother (which is how I enjoyed the song). His latest is warm weather perfection, and we are so excited to see him dive into NONA!

Michael answered some questions for us, getting us even more amped for future releases. Check out the interview below!

Please, introduce yourself and NONA by giving us a little insight/background into the project.

NONA is an outlet that I’ve been exploring for at least four years now but only recently have made moves and sacrifices to get it off the ground. In a way for me to challenge myself and forces me to analyze things in my life.

You’ve been playing with a million bands for so long. Why choose to focus on your own thing now? Was there a specific moment when you realized it was time? 

The pot’s been on the fire for a while now, but I think the boiling point came around a year ago, the first time I took mushrooms. I had a break from tour in Seattle and ate some magical chocolate at Bumbershoot (music festival). The experience was very positive for me and I was able to honestly ask myself, “What do you really want to be doing?” The answer was this, NONA.

You recently chose to go part-time with The Moth & The Flame to be able to play with a lot of other people, and to devote more time to writing and recording. What other projects are you working on right now, in addition to NONA?

It’s been exciting to see what sort of projects pop up when you actively make yourself more available. I’ve been working on new bands with old friend, playing with a couple of fun guys like Korey Dane and Scotty from Francisco The Man. Mainly What fills up my schedule is working with Goldroom and The Moth & The Flame though, both of which have a lot of late summer and fall touring. It’s fun to go play music with friends on the road but being able to come home and work on my baby.

The beginning of your song “22” is very reminiscent of The Beatles’ “All You Need is Love”. Where did you pull inspiration for that song?

I honestly am not sure exactly what influenced that song other than being depressed and about to be turning 22. I wrote it the day before my 22nd birthday (almost four years ago) when my first band, Chasing Kings, had broken up. I was broke and had just moved back in with my parents and had also just started college for the first time.

Your new single, “Otherways”, is so good. How do you envision people listening to it?

Partially clothed.

What specifically inspired this track?

I originally wrote the verse instrumental for an animated film I scored a couple of years ago, but the rest came last fall while navigating a casual romance. It came from wanting someone in my life in other ways than just casually. That feeling, or rather the confusion of feeling that way, is the inspiration for it.

In a recent interview with MOSHERY, you spoke about being able to be more vulnerable with your work on NONA. What does being vulnerable mean to you?

To me being vulnerable means exploiting myself in way. Allowing my beliefs and feelings to be explored unabashedly. In that way I try to push myself towards further self discovery. I think I just realized that people have a hard time making themselves vulnerable and thought it would be a worthy practice.

In that same interview, you mentioned that you love eating pizza and burritos with your friends when you’re home. What are your favorite spots to hit up for said pizza and burritos? (Hopefully not both at once, but who are we to judge?)

Okay, I love pizza. There isn’t a ton of great pizza in LA unfortunately but within three blocks from me there is TOWN pizza in Highland Park on York Blvd. It’s one of the few New York style, by-the-slice places that rocks. They make a pesto and goat cheese pie that I can’t not get as well as a homemade molé that’s one of the best uses for the sauce.

Burritos – There are a lot of good burritos to be found in LA but for me, top tier, is Tacos El Pique which is a truck parked in a self-wash car wash also in Highland Park. Cash only. Sometimes it’s not there. Most of the time it is. It’s always amazing and they make their own hot salsa.

How is your pup, Sugar?

Sugar is great! As I type she is sleeping in front of the fan (it’s 4:28pm) since it’s so hot out. She just had a flea bath because they keep coming back.

This year is BAD for fleas, man. Speaking of “sugar”… do you have a sweet tooth? We’re curious what your go-to snack is while you’re in writing/recording mode!

I actually don’t have a big sweet tooth. One thing I can’t get enough of though is Traders Joe’s veggie chips. I’m reckless when it comes to them. Sweets…. I like Harabo gummy frogs. Only candy I’ll actually buy on tour at a gas station. I also like cookie dough ice cream and Oreos though I never get them.

What’s up next for NONA? 

I am performing with Sego and Francisco the Man at The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles on July 16th. My latest single, “Otherways”, just came out July 8th. There will be a music video for it in the next month or so.

“Otherways” is available now. 

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