Mind Monogram, "Hedberg"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

In 2014 Mind Monogram merely started as a project from the passion of Vocalist/Guitarist Edgar A. Ruiz who wrote, produced, recorded and released the debut EP Moments in Time all by himselfThe project now has a full band and has been seen playing regularly in Southern California. They have been a featured performing act on the NAMM Show convention in Anaheim, CA and was named one of The Deli Magazines Best Emerging LA Bands of 2017.

The group speaks about the inspiration for their second single,

“We’re fans of the comedian Mitch Hedberg & we relate to him in many different ways. His comedy has always been hit or miss for audiences, but when he locked in a crowd he would absolutely crush it and take you on a little trip inside the mind of Hedberg. This song is a nod to one of our favorite jokes of his: “You know, I’m sick of following my dreams, man. I’m just going to ask where they’re going and hook up with ’em later.” Here’s to you Mitch, R.I.P. Man.” 

After hearing “Hedberg” we get that jubilant feeling. The uninterrupted poise of Edgar’s vocals and the sounds of a foxy trumpet are astounding combined, listen as they both will send us adrift on a river that meanders. When we first hear the sensual whirling of the guitars there is no doubt that you will have an instant satisfaction that will eventually bring you to put “Hedberg” on repeat.