The Breathing Effect – Water Static(Blinding Phoenix) – Exclusive Premiere

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Based out of The Big Orange is The Breathing Effect, a vocal sea-jazz pair, mixed with ambiance and indie rock. With an upcoming sophomore album titled “The Fisherman Abides”. Singer/keyboardist Eli Goss residing in Los Angeles and drummer/bassist Harry Terrell located in New York, committed to twelve-hour sessions each day at the Cosmic Zoo, a recording studio in Los Angeles with renowned engineer Daddy Kev.

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The Fisherman Abides began with a poem Eli Goss wrote while sitting on the Venice Beach pier on a cold day in January of 2016. Eli explains “The title is the last line of the poem, which has a loose meaning. A state where one remarks on the very subtle and simple parts of life that are profound once you acknowledge them. The beauty of the intricate web of events all co-occurring, waiting to be observed and admired.” Harry speaks about the meaning behind the title of the upcoming album, and what he thinks it means “For me, the title vaguely holds the idea that every life has guidelines, and each person is being defined by and also always defining their guidelines of being. These are constantly changing as one learns more and more about their place in the sea of being.”

The single Water Static teases its listeners for whats to come in the second coming quintessential album. The sounds present many different types of emotions and feelings. Picture yourself standing on the shore, looking out to sea on a wintry day. Appreciating everything around you, giving and taking meaning from the sights and senses. Then you start to float above the clouds and over the mountains to find more inspiration. Water Static takes you on a journey with its, electronic jazz psychedelia and its deep penetrating mixture of sounds in the far off distance.

On September 29th The Fisherman Abides, returning with Los Angeles based Alpha Pup Records for its release on vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital platforms.


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