Animal Hospital + Manners + Battle House at Great Scott, Allston, MA

Post Author: Brian Butler

Two drum sets often mean twice the set up time, but for Battle House, I’m willing to forgive. Their set was laced with the visual perks of the “we do that too” spirit, which had one of their guitarists jumping on and off that second drumset, and the other guitarist playing with vocal pedals and “smurf voice” throughout the set.

Manners was a pleasure. Straight out of Jamaica Plain on Whitehaus Family Records, this trio will get you patting your knees on grandma’s rocking chair. The highlight for me was when Manners’ key player Greg Beson announced that he was accompanied by some members of other bands. Specifically, Sam on the stand-up bass (of Aerosmith fame), and Taylor on the drums (formerly of Led Zepplin).

I missed Animal Hospital, but that dude is awesome. He creates layered compositions with a big 45-pound explosive-looking box filled with peddles. The perfect thing to listen to while writing a show review. I’m listening to a streaming set he did on WZBC Newton. I think I heard him say something about the Descendants being a big influence.